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GoFlamingo simplifies and enhances your workflow with our tailored digital solutions, making your operations more efficient than ever.

About Us

GoFlamingo Business Services Pvt Ltd was founded in 2017 to tackle critical challenges within the sugar industry and to simplify their complex supply chain . We are dedicated to transforming the operations of all key players in the supply chain through innovative services and products designed to connect every stakeholder effectively.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize supply chains, creating seamless connections and setting new standards of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Our Mission

To empathize with each stakeholder to get deep knowledge of all aspects of the industry and build products that simplify and bring transparency, there by ensuring customer success.

Values Define Us, Guide Us in Our Journey and Serve as Our Unwavering Support in both Triumphs and Challenges.


We prioritize understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients.


We strive to streamline complex processes, making supply chain management straight forward and hassle-free.


It is at the heart of our values, fostering trust through open and honest communication ensuring clarity and trust in every interaction.


Knowledge is our cornerstone. We leverage our expertise and continuous learning to provide innovative and informed solutions.

Our Products For You

Go Sales




Go Distribution






Go Sales

Go Sales is a cloud-based B2B sales process automation platform designed to transform how businesses engage with buyers, facilitating direct bidding for price discovery and efficient order management. The platform integrates industry-leading practices for warehouse stock management and post-sales handling, ensuring rigorous process control and minimizing potential sales process leakage. Additionally, Go Sales empowers buyers to streamline procurement processes and seamlessly connect with logistics partners for efficient fulfillment.


GO TMS is our specialized Transport Management System tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring seamless and efficient logistics operations. Designed with a robust control center, it offers comprehensive process control, optimizing decision-making and enhancing operational oversight for superior performance.

Go Distribution

GoDistribute is a powerful SCM software designed to streamline distribution management. It offers seamless order management, inventory control, logitics planning and vendor communication with auto invoice and ewaybill genaratio.,to ensure efficient operations. With an integrated mobile app, distributors can manage orders on-the-go, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness. GoDistribute simplifies the complexities of distribution, providing real-time insights and robust process control to optimize your supply chain


GoERP, our end-to-end ERP system, manages the entire manufacturers purchase process, from procurement to storage, seamlessly connecting with vendors. It streamlines purchasing, inventory management, and vendor communication for smooth and efficient operations. The integrated HRMS and accounts with finance modules provide comprehensive process control.

How We Do It

Supply Chain Digitization

We specialize in digitizing supply-chain, enabling your businesses to transition smoothly into the digital age. Our solutions ensure that every aspect of your operations is optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

At the core of our ethos, we prioritize efficiency and productivity, aiming to streamline operations, minimize waste, and foster innovation to deliver exceptional value.

Adaptive Planning

We are Agile at GoFlamingo to adapt quickly to customer feedback and market conditions, ensuring our service and products are always responsive and competitive.

Simpler Workflow Management

We strive to streamline complex processes in your workflow, making it simpler and hassle-free for the end user.

Process Control

We implement industry best practices to tighten your processes and make them secure with lesser pilferage.

Customer Centric Approach

We work as your extended team to solve your pain points.

Our Services


Empower your logistics with our expansive fleet of over 10,000 trucks, guaranteeing efficient and seamless transportation for any movement .

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We offer specialized ethanol tanker services to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your ethanol products, meeting all your logistical needs with reliability and precision.

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Commodity procurement

We offer comprehensive procurement services for any commodity, whether you need coal, sulfur, or anything in between. Just talk to us. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to deliver the best in industry practices and exceptional service quality

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Partner with GoFlamingo, a leading Odoo Patner, to revolutionize your business operations. Drop us an email, and we will connect with you right away!

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Streamline your coal logistics with our comprehensive service solutions, ensuring efficient transportation and reliable delivery.

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